Friday, June 6, 2008

The Mirror Effect

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This image called 'Mirror Forest' started off as a photo I shot in late Spring a few years ago. I recently rediscovered it going through some files on an external drive. I used a mirror effect in Photoshop and this is what came out. It's kind of a mysterious looking pattern formed with the mirror effect and creates a lot of interesting shapes and movement. Click on the image for a larger view.

At the time I shot the photo, I couldn't imagine the end result. Standing near this wooded area on a misty Atlanta morning, the sun was busy burning off and scattering the water vapor leaving the dramatic looking lighting. The lighting looks Photoshopped, but it was a natural thing when I shot it.

It is really nice to find happy accidents in your work when they are least expected. This particular image imparts a natural mystic vibe that makes you peer into the image and look for some kind of message. Couldn't help but think of Bob Marley's song 'Natural Mystic'. Here is a YouTube link to check out

I am interested to hear your interpretation on the Mirror Forest image. Also, would love to see your own original images and art that gives us pause for contemplation.

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