Monday, June 30, 2008

Hi-zen Input

Game on. Filling up on some good soul vibes like a junk food addict in preparation for the play coming up this Thursday – surgery day. No real way to prepare for something that is usually not a desired experience. But the outcome and this present moment depends on getting some Hi-zen input. surrounding my present with the acceptance and fluidity to accept all outcomes. Ready like a soldier.

If you have ever seen or worked with an audio mixer, you can see that music instruments or microphones can be connected by an audio able into the mixer. The mixer balances the audio inputs and sums everything up to a digital or analog stereo or 5.1 surround output to the speakers or PA. The term for which kind of input used is called impedance. This means that the electrical balance of the instrument matches the best possibility of signal strength to noise ration. Impedance is known as high or low impedance also called Hi or Low Z. A microphone needing power is usually a low-z input on the mixer. A guitar or keyboard is usually a hi-z input on the mixer.

Getting a hi-zen input into the mix is my way of getting into alignment with what is to be and what is. I am trying to be like water, to accept the situation and flow with it. The thing to avoid is an impedance mismatch in which the outcome of the process is distorted and unusable. The best outcome is to be present in the experience and seek the lessons from it.

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