Thursday, May 15, 2008

A little Morning Poetry, Lefty

Wanted to share a bit of poetry I wrote. This piece is called “Lefty” and is just a brain wave induced by musicality and a laid back time in Pittsburgh.

I played lefty
'till my right hand
was a stranger
a salsa trumpet
in 7/8
skittering 7/8
the scales ladder steps
oily and smooth
up, up the blue side
of morning

Putting something creative together each day when you are facing life complexities makes you realize that it ain't all bad. There's an end in sight for lousy times and the opportunity for celebration and life once more.

Been playing around with a fun piece of software called iDrum by iZotope. It is a free-standing or insertable drum machine that is a blast to tweak and mess with. Here is how iZotope's web site describes it:

“iDrum turns your Mac or PC into a powerful, simple-to-use virtual drum machine. Build patterns with iDrum's lightning-fast step sequencer, using included kits or your own samples. From ambient downtempo to bangin' hip hop to frenetic drum & bass, iDrum's got you covered.” Here is screenshot of the innterface- very easy to get started!


You can make and save your own patterns very easily and you can also add more sample sounds from iZotope. They also have a bunch more softare plugins for folks creating electronic music. If you are creating original electronic music – send along some links for us to check out.

One Love.

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